Saucy Santana Calls Out DJ Akademiks Over Yung Miami Feud

It looks like DJ Akademiks has a new opp after he shared harsh criticism of the City Girls’ recently released album!

Saucy Santana came to the Miami rap duo’s defense and blasted the controversial online media personality after he disrespectfully dished out his thoughts on the album and trolled the group.

“Akademiks, you keep talking about what the **** Caresha said to you, but how she feel about you is how she feel about you,” Santana said on an Instagram story. “Me being her best friend, it don’t have nothing to ******* do with me.

The beef between the “Material Girl” rapper and Akademiks stems from Akademiks slammed Yung Miami for an “one trick pony” that “lacks of talent.” 

The YouTuber also claimed that Yung Miami was Diddy’s side chick after he and another woman welcomed his sixth child. In return Yung Miami called Akademiks a “***** boy during her appearance on the Jason Lee Show.

“In the hood and in a lot of urban cultures, when you see boys that are acting feminine, that are being messy, that are being extra and doing *** **** that’s what you address them as,” he continued.

“Even as me being a gay man, I don’t move like a ***. And it’s a lot of other gay boys that are feminine or whatever, but everybody don’t move like ****. You move like a ***,” he fired back.

The “Booty” rapper then mentioned the beef that Adakemikshas with female rapper Glorilla after he noted that the popular YouTuber only picks fights with women and not other men.

After it was reported that City Girls’ third album entitled RAW (which stands for Real Ass Whores) sold 10K copies in its first week, DJ Akademiks took to YouTube to share his thoughts on the group.

“I wanna talk about the City Girls, I’m gonna be honest with you man, I think the City Girls are completely over with,” he said. “They just did the most pathetic interview I just seen recently. And we need to hold some of these makeshift, chameleon, non-talented, lazy, non-passionate people accountable. You see, the City Girls are the definition of people who have gotten to places in their career without ever really doing the work.”

Akademiks’ vocal opinions drew a response from Yung Miami.

“If the city girls over, why ***** ***** keep speaking on us tf! ***** EVERY INTERVIEW,” she tweeted.

As the three continued their online exchanges, Saucy Santana added fuel to the heated feud by advising Akademiks to “pull up” to Yung Miami’s Halloween party. 

Akademiks then responded to Saucy Santana by calling him the derogatory Jamaican slur, dropped his location, and invited him to come to his “headquarters.”

No ***** man like ************ Saucy Santana can talk to me, *****,” the 32-year-old YouTuber said.

“We spit in your face, *****. Me and you couldn’t even have a conversation. [You’re] a **********, *****. We don’t talk to ****** like you. Boy, you need to get right with God, *****,” he added. 

The makeup artist-turned-rapper continued to express that he wanted all the “smoke” with Akademiks with a jaw-dropping response.

“You see what type of ***** we dealing with right now,” Santana started. “Pull up to your headquarters? ****** is in the streets. I want to meet in the road… I’m starting to think maybe this is your aesthetic. You do the fake internet ****, and you sit in a room full of cameras and then try to make a ***** crash out.”

“We want to meet you outside. I want to meet you outside. I don’t want to pull up to no motherfuckin’ headquarters, corporate *** *****… I want to see you outside. Let’s get active.”

Santana took things a step further after he suggested that after he “beat the ****” out of the controversial personality, he would “**** him in the ***.”

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