Sexyy Red Accidentally Leaks Her Sex Tape On Instagram Story

Sexyy Red gained viral attention on Wednesday night due to a leaked video on her Instagram story. The video posted had been taken down, but some clips were circulating all over Twitter and Discord.

One of her partners had been released from jail and is under house arrest. Fans speculate that one of her significant other leaked the video. Days ago, he posted a video of her asleep after having just intercourse.

In an interview she did, she told the viewers that she’d rather the father of her children stay in jail to keep them out of trouble. She also said she did not want them to get famous off of her once released.

This is now the second time a video had gone viral of Sexyy Red committing sexual acts on camera. Sexyy Red shared with Lil Yachty on his A Safe Place Podcast that someone leaked a video of her giving oral sex. This is where her infamous lyrics came from: “My ******* pink, my ********* brown.”

On Twitter, Dj Akademiks defended Sexyy Red from the individual who leaked her video online.

“Sexyy red gotta stop ******* broke bums wit nothing to lose.. how every ***** she wit desperately tryna let the world know they smashin’ her. I love how down to earth she is, but it’s bout time she leave these ****** wit ankle monitors on .. in they momma houses where they belong.” he wrote.

Early Thursday morning, Sexyy Red tweeted she was heartbroken about the leak.

“I’m so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy sht like that,” she said.

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