Sexyy Red ‘Hates’ Being Told She Looks Like Young Thug

Sexyy Red said she hates it when people say she looks like Young Thug.

In a viral clip, Sexyy was being interviewed by Funny Marco for his Open Thoughts series. He asked the St. Louis rapper what is something she got into arguments with fans over. The “Pound Town ” artist did not hesitate when she quickly answered the question.

“I hate when they say I look like Young Thug ’cause no the f*ck, we do not look alike,” she said.

She says fans say it to her even more now that she is famous. The conversation then switched to a different topic. Since the clip has been released, fans are now starting to speculate how she and Young Thug resemble each other.

“So ya’ll can’t tell me Sexyy Red and Young Thug is not the same person. She need to change her name to Sexyy Thug,” a fan said.

“Y’all do, and now I can’t unsee it,” another fan commented.

Sexyy Red rose to stardom fast with her single “Pound Town.” She has been spotted with multiple celebrities, including Drake, Tyler the Creator and Lil Yachty.

Nicki Minaj was featured on her track “Pound Town 2” for the remix. Sexyy Red has been getting a lot of notoriety and love from the fans. Multiple interviews on YouTube have gone viral for the raw and uncut answers she gives.

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