Sexyy Red Kicks off First Tour After Announcing Her Pregnancy

Sexyy Red is continuing her first headliner tour after making her big announcement. 

The “SkeeYee” rapper shared that she has decided to continue her Hood Hottest Princess tour during her pregnancy. Kicking off the tour, Red was seen with a growing baby bump as she performed at The Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA.

“We still gon make some noise wtf,” she tweeted as fans speculated that the anticipated tour would be cancelled. 

During a series of posts, the 25-year-old rising star announced that she is expecting her second child with the help of SZA. 

“Team boy, or Team Girl,” she wrote on an celebratory Instagram post. 

The “Pound Town” rapper decided to let the world in on her secret after she was tired of “fakin’ it.” 

“I was pregnant asf on here.” she said. “Trona suck my belly in … I got tired of fakin’.”

After her big announcement went viral online, fans weren’t happy that Red didn’t take time off to rest. However others came to her defense and pointed out that many female rappers didn’t let motherhood stop them from working in the demanding industry. 

The details surrounding how far along she currently is in her pregnancy are unknown at this time. The details surrounding the gender of her second child is underwraps as well.

As she is keeping such details a secret, fans speculated who the potential father could be. Just on Friday, Oct. 13, pictures of the Hood Hottest Princess licking on an unidentified man’s feet surfaced after her s*x tape was leaked on her Instagram story. 

After she expressed her disappointment and told fans that she wasn’t behind the scandalous s*x tape leak, City Girls’ JT and others came to her defense. 

Sexyy Red will be performing in New York City at Irving Plaza tonight.

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