Sexyy Red Reveals She Doesn’t Use Condoms: ‘I’m The Raw Dog Queen’

Just when you think Sexyy Red couldn’t get any more graphic when it comes to her sex life, the rapper takes it up a notch. The St. Louis rapper was a guest on Lil Yachty’s A Safe Place podcast and got even more candid about her bedroom lifestyle.

During the conversation, Sexyy Red recounted a time when a buddy had an intimate encounter in her bathroom and left a condom in a trash can. Her boyfriend at the time learned about the condom and confronted her.

“That wasn’t my condom, I don’t use condoms baby,” she said. “I’m the raw dog queen.”

After spilling the tea on her past encounter she spoke about a time when she was a victim of revenge ****. An explicit video was posted online by the girlfriend of a man Sexyy Red was seeing.

“I couldn’t do nothing about it because my face was in it. I couldn’t even lie and say that’s not me,” the rapper said. “But my baby daddy found out about the video because everybody in jail found out about it. It went viral everywhere, it was everywhere and it made my followers go up.”

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