Sexyy Red’s Mystery Man Reveals His Identity

Sexyy Red appeared boo’d up on Instagram and social media was curious to find out who the mystery guy was.

The St. Louis MC first posted a picture on her Instagram to her more than 2 million followers that sparked curiosity. The questions came about when fans were trying to find out who the rapper was in bed with and perhaps the only clue was that the man had an ankle monitor on.

“I like **** wit drillaz… dread head killaz” she captioned the mystery post. Fans began speculating even more trying to decipher the caption under the picture.

But social media users can now put their speculations to rest. The mystery man was revealed on a recent Instagram Live, in which Atlanta rapper WuDeuce pointed the camera at Sexyy Red while she was asleep in bed. WuDeuce was seen on the Live smoking next to her and letting viewers know that he “put **** down”.The pieces were put together, with the pair being cuddled up in bed earlier and being the mystery man in Red’s post.

Fans were having a field day online making comments of how this seems real on brand for the “Shake Yo Dreads” rapper to be cuddled up with a ‘dread head’.

The 25-year-old entertainer has had quite the past few months. She received a diamond-encrusted Cartier watch from Drake as a thank you for being a part of his It’s All A Blur tour.

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