Shannon Sharpe Left Speechless When Faced With Brittany Rener’s Body Count

After facing blood hungry defenses throughout his football career and going toe to toe with Skip Bayless on a debate show, Shannon Sharpe has finally found the one thing he can’t handle: Brittany Renner’s body count.

On an episode of his “Club Shay Shay” podcast that dropped on Monday, the three-time Super Bowl winner was left in shock when special guest Renner revealed the number of men she’s taken to bed.

Sharpe asked the fitness model turned social media influencer about her admitted pursuit of lasting love and pointed out the potential difficulties considering her public profile and well documented dating history. Renner bluntly replied, “I’ve had sex with 35 guys.”

The Hall of Famer responded by grabbing a nearby bottle of liquor and taking a chug. After gathering himself, he asked the 31 year old her reason for sharing such personal information in a public forum.

Renner, whose 2018 book “Judge This Cover” centered around some of her celebrity sex encounters, said she “felt called to share.” 

For anybody keeping score, that same year Renner posted an Instagram video where she broke down the stats behind her then number of 24: 11 athletes, five entertainers, and eight regular guys. In 2021, Renner added another six men and talked about the updated number on the “No Jumper” podcast.  

Brittany Renner has been linked to Ben Simmons, Lil Uzi Vert, Colin Kaepernick, and Chris Brown among others. In May of 2021, Renner gave birth to a son from then boyfriend and Charlotte Hornets power forward PJ Washington. The pair split just two months later.

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