Shedeur Sanders Flashes Luxury Watch Ahead Of Victory Over Nebraska

Colorado Buffaloes star quarterback Shedeur Sanders didn’t take kindly to disrespect from the visiting Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

In a viral video taken before the two teams began their game against one another Saturday, Sanders goes out of his way to break up a team meeting that was being held on the midfield Buffaloes logo. Sanders is standing in his warm-up attire with headphones on, surrounded by several members of Nebraska’s team and staff.

One particular Cornhusker, who looks like he’s staring down the 21-year-old Junior, prompts Sanders to flash his gold watch in his face. A Nebraska staffer interrupts the tension by greeting the quarterback. He and Sanders briefly hug, and the situation is diffused.

After the game, Sanders was asked about the incident and cited the “extreme disrespect” of Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule gathering the entire squad on the home team’s logo. He also accused Rhule of speaking ill of Colorado’s football program and his father and Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders.

“All respect was gone for them and their program,” he continued.

Coach Prime appeared on Fox Sports’ Undisputed Monday morning and gave his perspective on what transpired. Sanders told Skip Bayless and Michael Irvin that he was unaware of Shedeur’s interaction with the opposing team or their midfield logo meeting until the game concluded. His only indication was Shedeur telling his father that a post-touchdown celebration was “personal.”

Rhule denied that the team meeting had any ill intentions. He insisted that he “never disrespected an opponent” and coaches his team “with class.”

In addition to Colorado claiming a 36-14 victory, Sanders had a standout game, scoring three touchdowns, racking up 393 yards and completing 31-42 pass attempts. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. projects Sanders as a “guaranteed” first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

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