Sister Of Ugly God’s Alleged Murder Victim Speaks Out

Despite current murder accusations brought against him, Ugly God doesn’t appear to be too concerned. On the other hand, the accuser is sticking to her dislike of the musician! 

On Friday, Aug. 18, Ugly God, born Royce Cornell Davison-Rodriguez, took to X to merely respond to the allegations that were made against him. 

“A  lot can happen in a year. #dontbelievethehype,” he said.

The tweet was met with an angry response from the victim’s sister, Tishia Delavallade.

“YALL WE HAVE A NUMBER #1 STUNNA !!! Yall please give him a round of applause, lil PISSY UGLY GOD for flashing the most amount of fake money,” she exclaimed.

The 50-year-old victim, Renaldo Delavallade, who is the father of Ugly God’s best friend, died from gunshot wounds in Gulfport, Mississippi, in late June. According to WLOX, police were called about a midnight gunshot but were unable to arrive in time to save the victim.

When they arrived, they discovered the victim dead inside a vehicle. Police Chief Adam Cooper informed the press that they have a suspect in custody, but no other details have been released.

“We were in the area, pretty close,” said Police Chief Adam Cooper, “We were able to respond within minutes of the call. I just wish we would’ve been here a little sooner.

Tishia allegedly posted multiple TikTok videos accusing the rapper of being the shooter, placing him in the center of the shooting. A police report revealed that Ugly God was the person who shot Delavallade with a small-caliber handgun as the victim was seated in his car, according to the relative.

“Hi, my name is Renaldo BUGGIE Delavallade,” she captioned the first of two tribute videos. “I was 50 years old when I was murdered by my sons best friend 06-29-2023..At the home I live at with his mother and my wife, and two of our sons. There was an argument the night before that included his mom, Rhonda Reese and Safina Dedeaux my wife. Whom stood by and was present at the whole shooting [four suspicious emojis].”

She is enraged by the injustice and seems willing to do anything to persuade others that the rapper is somehow responsible for her brother’s passing.

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