SkinnyFromThe9 And Ink Capone Brawl Over Snitching Rumors

SkinnyFromThe9 and Ink Capone had a scuffle in a casino lobby six months ago, that has just now surfaced. The two had a confrontation based on allegations that happened when SkinnyFromThe9 was in high school.

Capone alleges that Skinny snitched on his ‘homies,’ while Skinny says Capone and his partners snitched on his brother, Josh. They are both alleging that one snitched on the other.

Skinny’s brother, Josh, was arrested as a result of someone pointing their finger at him. He is still currently incarcerated.

“Boy you a rat #FreeJosh f*ck ya dead man’s stop getting hands and feet put on u and coming on ig to cap,” Skinny said in a caption on Instagram.

Skinny created a YouTube video explaining the altercation between the two. He makes fun of Capone for holding an ice pack to his face and changing his clothes from the blood.

He goes on to say that Capone is putting up this image that Skinny is the snitch, when allegedly, it was one of Capone’s best friends that told. The two continue to go back and forth on Instagram calling each other out.

Capone has shared his insight on the scuffle.

“Been puttin my hands on rats and rappers for a minute N*ggas know not to play w/ me,” he said.

“His security tried to hold me the whole time he KNEW not to even touch me. Had em curled up like a baby,” he concluded.

Social media has been going crazy over the story. The No Jumper Podcast reported on the story, and Ink Capone decided to make videos about Bricc Baby and other podcasters on No Jumper.

Bricc Baby goes in on Capone after he was allegedly talking out of pocket to the No Jumper crew. Another No Jumper podcaster clarified they only report the news and do not choose sides in altercations.

Skinny and Ink Capone are still at odds, defending their spot in popularity.

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