Snoop Dogg Gets Frustrated With Madden 24 Glitches: ‘Y’all Gon Fix This Sh**?’

Snoop Dogg had a lot to say about the “Madden 24” video game when there appeared to be some issues during his gameplay.

The rap legend turned to Instagram to voice his concerns with Microsoft and Xbox, venting his frustration over the numerous glitches that were getting in the way of him furthering his game progress.

“Come on now, that’s two hours since the game came out. Do I need to go on Instagram and cuss you m*thaf**kas out? Or are y’all gon’ fix this sh**?” he asked out of frustration.

“I’m being nice and talking to you directly. I will go to Instagram and cuss you m*thaf**kas out like my friends want me to do right now. I’m tryna be cordial. Get this shit f**king fixed, man. What the f**k is y’all doing?” the rapper concluded in the video.

He then toned down his rage with a follow-up video, pointing the camera at the game screen and providing commentary that insinuated that his New York Jets team was victorious over the Dallas Cowboys. The West Coast hip-hop pioneer simply captioned the post ‘Maddens workin’. It appears the issues were resolved, and things were in favor of the emcee after all.

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