Social Media Waits For The Trump Mugshot

As the nation awaits former President Trump turning himself into Fulton County Jail on racketeering charges stemming from an alleged scheme to nullify his 2020 election loss, perhaps the most anticipated part is the mugshot promised by Sheriff Pat Labatt.

Labatt promised to treat the former Commander in Chief just like any other inmate that is booked and processed at his facility. However, it’s highly unlikely that a perp walk or an orange jumpsuit is in the immediate future. Instead, Trump is expected to post a $200,000 bond and will leave far quicker than the rank-and-file suspects that populate the facility.

As expected, social media has been awaiting a picture of Trump, complete with the poor lighting and watermark of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in the top left-hand corner. With hashtags like #TrumpMugshot and #TrumpArrest trending, it’s clear that both sides of the aisle have a lot to say.

As the mugshots of Trump’s co-defendants have become available, some are passing the time with creative editing.

Others have decided to cosplay in Trump’s shoes as an act of solidarity.


Others are having fun with the fact that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is simultaneously trying to put away Trump and Young Thug on RICO charges.

As of this writing, Trump has left Newark Airport in New Jersey on a private plane and is in the air headed for Atlanta.

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