Soulja Boy Responds To Chain Mishap And Calls Out No Jumper

Soulja Boy is speaking out after being clowned during a recent concert performance where his jewelry fell apart on stage.

In typical Soulja fashion, the rapper took to Instagram to address No Jumper, especially those who shared the video. He goes on to explain the minor wardrobe malfunction that led to many accusing the artist of wearing fake chains. The “Crack That” rapper also let it be known that he doesn’t want to be featured for random stuff that happens.

“No Jumper, If you don’t shut your b**ch a** up n***a, and stop posting me on your f*cking blog with this random sh*t.” the 33-year-old entertainer said into the camera while showing off his jewelry. “I had on tennis chains n***a. I had on too many chains. First of all, I had on tennis chains. This m**herf**kin’ chain too heavy for this link.”

Soulja continued to explain the slight mishap and aimed verbal shots at No Jumper after the video was shared on X.

“Soulja Boy’s chain fell apart while he was performing at his concert 😲,” he said.

The video clip shows the rapper performing his 2008 hit song “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” when a piece of jewelry fell from around his neck. Soulja didn’t bring much attention to the malfunction but continued performing for the crowd without picking up the jewelry.

A variety of jokes spread throughout the internet, all aimed at Draco for the broken pendant.

Soulja Boy also ended the 26-second response video clip of him clearing the air on his chain falling apart by saying he’s coming to No Jumper for an interview. So, this broken chain saga isn’t over just yet.

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