Soulja Boy Wants To Be Acknowledged For His Contribution To Hip Hop: ‘I Birthed The New Wave’

Soulja Boy wants more recognition when it comes to his place in hip-hop. The “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” rapper claims that he pioneered the new wave of hip-hop.

The outspoken artist shared his thoughts on his X account, formerly known as Twitter, to speak on his cultural impact on the genre.

“When I came in the game, they said I killed hip hop. But really, I birthed the new wave of hip hop with internet/streaming. Ahead of my time. #HipHop50” the 33-year-old artist tweeted.

His reflections come as many were celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop over the weekend. 

“Now everyone vlogs their career like me. Now, everyone uploads their music to the internet. Now, everyone goes live for their fans. I started it. Thank me or not. Flowers/Credit or not. #HipHop50,” Big Draco added.

For quite some time, the rapper has voiced his frustration regarding being highlighted and praised for his contributions to music. Which ignited the viral “Soulja Boy Did It First” memes online, XXL reported.

Soula Boy came into the hip-hop scene with his 2007 hit “Crank That” when social media and being “viral” was in its infancy. He would then play a significant role in the digital revolution, being among the first rappers to take advantage of Myspace and YouTube to showcase his music.

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