Soulja Boy Starts Beef With Adam22, Lil Yachty, and VladTV

Soulja Boy went live on Instagram to let his fans know how he feels about certain internet entertainers. He said that Adam22 is a “white boy” and that the crew he is around cannot save him.

Soulja Boy then called Lil Yachty “sweet” and VladTV the “police”. SayCheese also caught strays in this live. Adam22 commented under the No Jumper post in response to Soulja Boy.

“I’m not a ***** I’m a zesty disciple,” he said.

Adam22 and Soulja Boy had been going back and forth for a while at this point. Soulja called out No Jumper and Adam22 in another heated live.

No Jumper posted a video on Twitter of his chain falling apart on stage. Soulja assumed shots were being thrown in relation to the post by No Jumper.

He also had beef with Lil Yachty. Lil Yachty alleged that he was the first rapper to stream live on Twitch. Soulja went and defended his name and said that he was the first rapper to do it, not Lil Yachty.

He sent shots at VladTV for pressing into a situation he was involved in. After Vlad has pressed him about a shooting that happened at his home.

New paperwork came forward from journalist Mickey Truth, telling the details about how he hid with his eyes closed. It seems like he is going to war with everyone and continued to let the shots fly.

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