SpotemGottem’s Snitching Allegations Caused Lil Durk To Return His $100K For Collab

Its been rumored that SpotemGottem’s snitching allegations may have caused him to miss out on a feature from Lil Durk.

Some months back, there were talks of the “Beat Box” rapper collaborating with Chicago artist Lil Durk. But things went sour when Durk got wind of SpotemGottem’s snitching allegations. The Florida rapper was said to have paid $100,000 to get The Voice emcee on a project. Durk would later give the 21-year-old all his money, and the project would never be released.

The two previously recorded a song together and shot a video, but that song never came out. Shawn Cotton of Say Cheese TV has now confirmed the gossip almost a year later. He mentions in an interview that Durk doesn’t play when it comes to snitches.

The past years haven’t been the best for the Jacksonville native outside of his viral 2020 hit “Beat Box.” SpotemGottem was the victim of a drive-by shooting that led to him being shot in the hip in 2021. More recently, in 2023, the rapper was arrested in Miami Beach after he fled after a traffic stop.

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