Stevewilldoit Exposes 6ix9ine Again

6ix9ine and Stevewilldoit have another public falling out. The fuel to this explosive argument started when Stevewilldoit of the NELK Boys called out 6ix9ine for being a rat.

Along with calling 6ix9ine a “rat pedophile,” saying he’s abusive and a “menace to society.” This is the second time Stevewilldoit and 6ix9ine have gotten into a heated exchange online. The two are good friends and have been friends for years. They recently did a video with NeelTPT giving away $1,000,000 in the Dominican Republic.

In the past, 6ix9ine gifted Steve a collector’s car and then was able to return the gift with another collector’s car. The frenemies have gotten into it multiple times, but this time, it went straight to shots and allegations.

“Everyone wants to know why 6ix9ine is a piece of shit. You will know the truth about 69 soon. He’s a rat pedophile,” he posted on social media.

Stevewilldoit challenged 6ix9ine to a fight and alleged 6ix9ine puts his hands on women he’s dated, saying 6ix9ine almost killed his current girlfriend with his car.

“I Challenge 6ix9ine to a fight .. he only likes to hit women,” he continued. “I Identify as a woman, so let’s fight”

6ix9ine and Steve had their first altercation after Steve felt 6ix9ine used his name for clout. 6ix9ine invited Perkio using Steve’s name and paid him for a gig. 6ix9ine set Perkio up and allegedly had him surrounded with 20 guys. This was significant due to 6ix9ine and Lil Durk having beef.

Meanwhile, Perkio was getting attention for being a Lil Durk look-a-like. People felt as if Steve and 6ix9ine were playing games. But Steve came out and said that 6ix9ine used his name to press Perkio, and he had no idea. He also told the people that he and 6ix9ine were no longer friends.

Now, it is as if the two are back into another altercation after hashing out all their differences.

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