T.I. And Tiny Show Support For King’s New Teeth As Trolls Descend

After discovering that their son had been trolled online due to his new set of teeth, T.I. and Tiny Harris lend their support.

On Friday, Tiny posted a video of King showing his family his new veneers for the first time “to see what they got to say.” The video begins with King and the doctor who performed the procedure, Dr. Mario Montoya, walking into the home. He’s greeted by Tip, interpolating Willie Hutch’s “The Last Dragon” with “The Glow.”

“You know, you know he got the glow,” Tip sang as King pointed out the diamonds embedded in his mouth. “That thing glow in the dark,” he continued.

The three-time Grammy Award winner spoke more about his son’s new smile on DJ Diamond Kuts’ radio show on Saturday.

“He wanted his teeth done. He put his paper up… stacked his money, man, and he went and got his teeth done, right? And so, I respect and admire and celebrate the actual process he went through to get ‘em done,” he said when asked about the viral attention.

When co-host Dubb interrupted by saying King “had teeth like Garfield,” Tip, after a quick chuckle, continued the story and “giving him his props.” However, Dubb calling the 19-year-old “Teef Keef” and “Teeth Sweat” got the Grand Hustle founder to burst into laughter. 

King’s six-year-old sister, Heiress, shut down the jokes when she took the mic to say, “don’t talk about my brother like that.”

In that same interview, Tip says his wife’s first reaction was to ask, “Why the hell is they so big?” In the caption on Tiny’s IG post, she thanked Dr. Mantoya and complemented King’s “#BillionDollarSmile.”

“He loves them and that’s all that matters” she continued. 

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