Tasha K Offers Cardi B $220K To Settle 7-Figure Debt After Filing For Bankruptcy

Cardi B might have to settle for a smaller amount of money after winning her lawsuit against blogger Tasha K.

The legal saga has led to the YouTuber filing for bankruptcy claiming she can’t afford to make payments to the rapper.

Tasha K was originally ordered to cough up almost $4 million but after getting wages garnished she now plans to settle her debt in another way. According to Radar Online, Tasha K offered Cardi B a 6-figure repayment, which is what’s required to be filled within 30 days of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Cardi objected to this proposal and argued that the $3.9 million lawsuit must remain in place due to Tasha’s words that put her in this predicament. The vlogger presented to pay $220,239 to satisfy her debt to the artist.

“Defendant was given multiple opportunities to retract the false and defamatory statements and videos, but Defendant steadfastly refused to do so” read the New York rapper’s objection to accept the proposed payment plan which was handled through her attorney, HipHopDx reported.

The breakdown of the lawsuit is $1 million in general damages, $250,000 in medical expenses, $1.5 million in punitive damages, and then $1.3 million for legal fees.

“It is the purpose of the Chapter 11 to propose a feasible plan that will pay the Cardi B judgment, to the best of the Debtor’s ability, consistent with the limited net income available to fund a plan, which Debtor projects to be a monthly amount of $6,5000,” Tasha K’s attorney wrote in a statement.

The Grammy-winning rapper sued Tasha for accusing her of using hard drugs, having an STD and being an escort all on her Unwine with Tasha K YouTube series. Cardi B denied all of the allegations. The lawsuit cites defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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