Tasha K Required To Pay $4M To Cardi B Despite Bankruptcy Filing

Cardi B is still applying pressure to Tasha K when it comes to the money she’s owed.

Despite entertainment blogger Tasha K filing for bankruptcy and voicing that she’ll be unable to make payments, a judge has ruled that she still pays the money to Cardi. A Southern district of Florida judge stated that Tasha K will remain in her Chapter 11 bankruptcy state if she chooses but her debt with Cardi B will not be discharged in the process.

“Defendant does not appear to dispute that the awards in the Amended Defamation Judgment made against her individually or jointly and severally are non-dischargeable.” Bardi’s legal team argued in the motion.

The YouTuber once offered to pay a small fraction of the nearly $4 million but Cardi rejected her $220,000 payment plan alternative.

The Unwine with Tasha K host has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after revealing she’ll be unable to settle her debt with the “Bongos” rapper. Cardi B has rejected many of the internet personality’s proposals, claiming that Tasha’s own words got her into this situation in the first place. Tasha K was given opportunities to retract what she said about the New York rapper but never went through with any of them.

“Defendant was given multiple opportunities to retract the false and defamatory statements and videos, but Defendant steadfastly refused to do so,” the Grammy award-winning artist’s legal team read in response to Tasha’s smaller payment plan amount.

In 2019 the “Up” hitmaker sued the YouTube personality for defamation, invasion of privacy, and emotional distress after Tasha made allegations regarding Cardi and her family.

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