Tasha K Shuts Down Wack 100’s Sexual Relationship Claims

After blasting Joe Budden for deciding not to drop their interview, Tasha K is now dispelling the rumors that she allegedly slept with Wack 100.

The online media personality sat down with Adam22 in a recent interview addressing the rumor that she “allegedly” slept with Wack 100. After Wack himself started the outrageous rumor, she shared some wild tea about him as vengeance.

“His ex-girlfriend, who I guess he cheated on his wife with, hit me,” she said. “She was like, ‘I’m the one who took that picture of him, you know, laying on his diabetes belly and his *** was up.’ She says she put three fingers in his ***.” 

“We got the Winos calling him three-finger Wack,” she continued. 

The controversial media personality claimed that she first learned about the music executive after she disclosed the incarcerated R. Kelly’s criminal history. She revealed Wack 100 tried to “investigate her” after she shared the singer’s criminal history.

Her stories about their encounters didn’t stop there; Tasha K also disclosed that the 44-year-old man allegedly visited the Florida native at her employment. He suggested that he should get an office adjacent to hers.

“What am I supposed to be scared of you? *****, I will come outside and let you do whatever you wanna do to me, and then I’m gonna have them crackers waiting on your ***,” she said. 

Her fans suggested that if Wack 100 started the rumors, she should take him to court to gain money to pay her $4 million debt to Cardi B. 

Let us know if you think Wack 100 allegedly started the rumor or if you think otherwise. Be sure to check out Tasha K’s interview as well.

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