TDE’s Punch Believes There Is Too Much ‘Demon Influence’ In Music

Top Dawg’s Entertainment President Terrance “Punch” Henderson is sharing his opinion on the music scene and what’s going on in society. He feels as though there’s dark energy in the current music world.

The music executive shared a series of tweets on his X page that led to a lot of users chiming in on the conversation of the Illuminati.

“The demonic influence is getting more and more blatant in this thing. The gradualism was numbing; now it’s out loud.” the TDE boss man wrote. “I mean it… It was written.

Punch is letting it be known that whatever it is that’s going on nowadays, he’s not a fan of it at all. The TDE founder didn’t mention any names, so of course, that left things wide open for social media to speculate who he’s referring to. Doja Cat’s recent antics with using devil references in her latest “Paint The Town Red” song came into question. 

The label head honcho took some time out to clarify his opinion and respond to some of his followers about the matter.

“What is it tho? Is the energy or is it the callings? one user replied. “It’s the air,” he answered. Based on many other users chiming in on this controversial topic, it seems as if they agree with Punch.

He also had time to clap back at DJ Akademiks for his remarks about SZA. The social media influencer went on a bizarre fat-shaming rant against TDE’s SZA. Punch came to his artist’s defense on his X account.

“I’m not playing no internet games… He have to answer for those disrespectful things he said about SZA.”

Punch has been the president of The Californian-based Top Dawg Entertainment label since 2004. He’s helped the music careers of Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Reason, SZA and others.

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