The Game Trolls 50 Cent Following Microphone Throwing Incident

Is the beef back on? Following the news that 50 Cent reportedly grew angry with the technical difficulties and threw a microphone, The Game is now back to trolling his rival.

On Wednesday night, Aug. 30 the Queens rapper was performing at Arena for his Final Lap Tour. During his performance, he grew angry as he faced technical issues, and hurled his mic into the crowd, striking Power 106’s Bryhana Monegain in the head. The Game didn’t waste any time to comment on the incident.

“Curtis, yo fat a** came to LA hittin women,” the Compton rapper said via an Instagram story. 

According to HotNewHipHop, 50 was experiencing technical issues during his special guest, YG’s performance. He traded one of the mics, however the issue wasn’t resolved making him frustrated, and launching the mic into the crowd with powerful force.

Following the incident, images of the Power 106 host injuries surfaced online showing a gash on her forehead and a bloody shirt. 

After the images hit the internet, social media had a field day giving their commentary on the incident.

“Saw a vid of 50 Cent throwing a mic,” one person commented. “Apparently it hit some lady in the head n she got fvcked up She will def be getting PAID! DONT GIVE UP BOYS! You prob won’t make it in crypto BUT You MIGHT be able to get injured at a concert, and end of the day wgaf how you get it!” 

Another person said, “I wish 50 cent would throw a mic at my head. I need me a good pay day.” Another Twitter user compared 50’s mic throwing incident to the late PNB Rock’s, “50 Cent threw that mic like PNB Rock.”

As the incident gained public attention, TMZ claimed that the 48-year-old is now a suspect in a criminal felony battery report. His attorney Scott Leemon, told the publication “Let’s be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis (AKA 50 Cent) would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone. Anyone saying something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed.”

50 Cent isn’t the first artist to be seen turning a mic into a weapon. On July 29, Cardi B reportedly threw her mic into a rowdy fan at a Las Vegas show. 

The microphone later was auctioned and sold for $99,000.

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