Tommie Lee Arrested On Drug Charges, Team Says It Was Just Epilepsy Medicine

On Sunday, the 18th, Tommie Lee was arrested and taken into custody by police. It is alleged that she was taken in for three offenses, including possession of cocaine with intent to sell, breach of peace, and disorderly conduct.

Tommie, whose real name is Atasha Jefferson, has been a topic of conversation after information was leaked about her online. A message from an individual alleged that Tommie was arrested with three hard counts against her.

“I have some news for yall guess who came into the jail last night/ early this a.m Atasha Jefferson aka Tommie,” the source said.

“She got arrested at Victory Lounge down here in Miami, fl her charges are disorderly conduct/ breach of peace and drug charges,” the informant wrote in a text message.

Tommie has been accused of having drug and alcohol problems in the past. The “Baddies” star’s team has come forward and said that she was never arrested for cocaine, but that it was actually epilepsy medication that she was holding for a friend.

“They chose to handcuff and arrest her on grounds of drug possession, despite the fact that the ‘drugs’ were, in fact, her friend’s epilepsy medication,”

“They seized upon this as an excuse for her arrest when no other valid reason was evident. It’s completely understandable that she felt infuriated by this unjust treatment, especially when she was spending her own hard-earned money,” the representative finished.

Tommie Lee has yet to comment on the alleged charges. In another statement made in 2019, Tommie expressed how she was striving for sobriety. She had been to rehab and was trying to live a sober life. We hope she keeps striving for better.

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