Toronto Rapper Admits To Filing False CPS Report On Ex-Boyfriend

Recording artist Lady SB made a shocking admission on the Real Toronto Podcast.

In a clip that is now viral, the rapper confessed to purposely attempting to ruin her ex-boyfriend’s family by reporting a fraudulent story about him abusing his children.

“I called child services on my ex because he pissed me off,” she candidly said. “I called child services on his ass, and I like fabricated everything and said certain things, and they went to the door…it was a whole process. I don’t know if the children’s aid worker still visits them, but she probably does,” she continued while laughing. 

The story goes beyond simply calling in a false report. The Toronto native also told the masked host that she “A.I.ed that sh*t” with doctored pictures of bruises that were sent to the authorities as well. 

Moments before telling her self-incriminating story, Lady SB admitted to stealing an estimated $50,000 worth of designer bags and diamonds from a lover’s wife and “completely vandalizing” the home and Mercedes Benz of another man.

The rapper, who has a monthly Spotify following of 183 listeners, has garnered a small amount of attention for the four singles she’s released since 2021. So, while internet sleuths attempt to find details on the man and children whose lives may have been permanently altered, it’s unclear whether or not this is a desperate and misguided attempt and generate publicity.

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