Tory Lanez Married The Mother Of His Child In Jail

Tory Lanez is now a married man, according to Meghann Cuniff and court documents. Cuniff has been following the story of Tory Lanez for years now. She recently posted on her blog about how he seeks bail and that he is now married.

“A new lawyer filed a motion this week asking that 31-year-old Lanez be allowed to halt his prison sentence and instead “live locally in the Los Angeles area” with his new wife and their six-year-old son.” Meghann Cuniff wrote.

It looks as if Tory Lanez is pleading with the court to be set free and live his life in Los Angeles with his now wife and son. Tory is now at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles.

Raina Chassagne, the mother of Tory Lanez’s child, is now legally his wife. She did not appear as his wife in court documents before his sentencing; fans are now speculating that he got married while incarcerated.

Megan also interviewed many lawyers with questions regarding his appeal.

“Generally, to get bail pending appeal, you have to show a substantial likelihood of prevailing on appeal, which often means a substantial likelihood you can show error by the trial judge,” Michale Freedman said.

“So it’s pretty rare for the trial judge to find the defense can make this showing about the same judge’s own rulings, especially after the judge has already denied post-trial motions raising those same arguments.” the attorney continued.

Tory Lanez was set to have an upcoming court date on Sept. 14 to talk about the motion filed. Meghann Cuniff went into detail about Tory Lanez’s motioning for bail.

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