Tory Lanez’s Lawyers Say He Leaked Court Docs And Trial Information To Akademiks

DJ Akademiks has supported Tory Lanez the entire time he was on trial for the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. In a recent YouTube livestream with Meghan Cuniff, she pointed out that Tory was the source of leaked court documentation.

Cuniff also confirmed that the judge and the prosecutors knew about this violation. Adding that Lanez’s lawyer informed the court that the information was leaked by the Defendant.

This whole mishap started with DJ Akademiks tweeting.

“BREAKING: It was revealed in court few moments ago that Tory Lanez DNA WAS NOT found on the weapon in the Meg Thee Stallion case,” he said.

The judge took notice that Lanez violated a protection order in correlation with the DNA analysis report. The order of protection prohibited the public from distributing information regarding the ongoing case.

Defendant Tory Lanez was provided with a copy of the DNA report on Jan. 27, 2022. The tweet from Akademiks was sent out almost a month later. The judge then found Tory in violation of the discovery protection order.

Lanez’s first lawyer, Ms. Holley, was an accomplice by helping him leak the documents to the public. Ms. Holley told the court that she was upset that Megan was allowed to post statements about the case but Tory was not. Resulting in her leaking the said documents.

“The report, in fact, didn’t say Lanez’s DNA wasn’t on the gun that fired five rounds at Megan on July 12, 2020, injuring her feet,” Journalist Meghann Cuniff tweeted.

The report suggested that Tory Lanez DNA could not be included or excluded as a contributor. Lanez then hired a new lawyer, Jose Baez. Jose hired a DNA expert to take a deeper look into the case.

The DNA expert told the court that the test results were “not reliable”. This did not matter. Judge Herriford and the prosecution did not believe the evidence was a major factor in the case of Megan vs. Tory.

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