Trap Lore Ross Receiving Death Threats For YoungBoy Documentary

Trap Lore Ross is known for exposing rappers and their gangster ways. He has done videos speaking on rappers like the deceased King Von, BriccBaby and now will be conducting a documentary now based on YoungBoy.

In the King Von documentary he labeled Von as a serial killer based on his old tweets. The video went viral and has 8.3 million views and had everyone talking and speculating his information.

Trap Lore Ross has posted a preview of his new documentary featuring the murders NBA YoungBoy allegedly committed. The documentary focuses on 12 murders that YoungBoy might have been involved in. King Von was one of the murders he is looking into.

“1 Picture and my DMS are a warzone. Grown adults Sending death threats over content they haven’t even seen. Wait and see what I actually have to say on the topic,”

Trap Lore Ross has been receiving death threats from his upcoming documentary. This is nothing new to Trap Lore Ross, in his previous King Von video he received several calls to take the video down based on the K.I coverage.

He explained on No Jumper that someone had his videos taken down unless he took out information on K.I’s death. Now Trap Lore Ross is coming forward talking about all the death threats he’s been getting from NBA YoungBoy fans, much like Deja Vu.

“His music is personal, thought-provoking and violent in equal measure,” he said. “He’s one of the few artists who can top the Billboard charts with music all about killing, death, and destruction.”

“But his ability to communicate the stark realities of life growing up in the dangerous slums of Baton Rouge have inspired people all over America.” he continued.

The documentary is suspected to be six hours long. He confirmed that the script of video was finished three months ago and is the longest documentary he has ever written.

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