Travis Hunter Speaks Out After Latest Injury

The Colorado Buffaloes’ cornerback and wide receiver, Travis Hunter, is now discussing the contentious hit he took that earned him a hospital visit. Hunter, recently hospitalized, took to social media to speak out about the tackle that took him out of the game against Colorado State University’s Rams.

“It’s football at the end of the day,” he said on a live stream.

On Saturday, the two-way football star was injured and hospitalized after he was on the offensive side of the ball in the first quarter when CSU’s safety, Henry  Blackburn, knocked him over. Blackburn was fined for undue roughness while trainers responded to Hunter right away. Although Hunter rejoined the action and made a tackle, he was ultimately taken off the field and to a nearby hospital for more in-depth testing.

“Stuff like that is going to happen, so I just stay humble,” Hunter said. “He [ Blackburn] did what he was supposed to do. It’s football. Something bad is going to happen on the field sooner or later.”

The controversial and now viral tackle enraged Buffaloes’ fans to the point where they issued death threats against Blackburn and his family. Towards the end of the game, Blackburn and his mother’s phone numbers were leaked online, they received an alarming amount of messages that contained the death threats.

According to CBS Sports, campus police and law enforcement are investigating the threats.

Deion Sanders condemned those who made threats towards Blackburn and his family. He also expressed that the Colorado State football team has forgiven Blackburn for the tackle, according to ESPN.

“I forgive him,” Sanders said. “Our team forgives him. Travis Hunter has forgiven him. Let’s move on. That kid does not deserve that.”

Although Hunter claimed that he is fine, and the injury comes with the beloved sport, he will miss up to three games.

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