Two Predators Attack One Woman

Imagine peacefully mowing your lawn one moment, and suddenly finding a snake wrapping itself around your arm. Then, picture a hawk repeatedly swooping down from the sky and attacking your arm with its razor-sharp talons.

That double dose of terror became a reality for an unsuspecting Texas woman Tuesday afternoon.

Peggy Jones was riding her tractor while mowing the lawn of her Silsbee home when a snake fell on her arm, wrapped itself tightly, and tried to bite her face multiple times.

“It looked like a big wide mouth coming at you,” Jones said, recounting the frightening story to Fox 26 Houston. She recalls the snake was lunging and striking at her glasses.

“It looked like a big wide mouth coming at you” she continues.

That’s when the hawk entered the picture.

“His wings are just flapping and I can feel the wings on me,” she said.

In a report by KPRC, Jones describes the vicious attack by the brown and white hawk.

“Clawing at my arm over and over..I just kept saying, ‘Help me, Jesus, Help me, Jesus,” she explains.

According to Rattlesnake Solutions owner Bryan Hughes, the snake was mostly likely a rat snake that fell from the sky after escaping the hawk. It took no fewer than four attempts by the hawk to snatch the reptile off of her arm. Each attempt leaving its own set of deep lacerations. 

Her husband, Wendell, ran to her aid when he heard the screams and found Peggy too “hysterical” to coherently tell him what happened. He rushed her to a local hospital where she was treated for the gashes and bruises she received from the snake’s squeeze. Despite being “covered in blood,” she suffered no serious injuries.

However, she came far closer to a less fortunate outcome than she or her husband realized at the time. Afterwards, Peggy found snake venom on the now broken lenses of her glasses. 

Although it wasn’t her first time being attacked by a poisonous snake, having survived a bite several years prior, this particular occasion is likely to stick with her well after the physical wounds heal. 

“The nightmares are horrific. They’re terrible…I can’t say I know how it feels to die because I’m still alive but I really think that I got really close,” she said while holding back tears.

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