Viral Drake And Bobbi Althoff Interview Removed As They Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Shortly after linking up for an interview, Bobbi Althoff and Drake unfollowed each other on Instagram. Their interview has also been scrubbed off the internet. It had always seemed as if Drake and the host of the “Really Good Podcast” were close friends. 

Unfortunately, all of that appears to be changing after fans pointed out the two had unfollowed one another on Instagram last night. Fans also noticed that Bobbi removed their interview from her YouTube page, as well as from Spotify.

“My guess is that Drake didn’t like Bobbi Althoff’s ‘attitude’ in that video she posted of her not reacting to his music at his concert. Even though it’s her character. Using Drake for clout and he got fed up with it so made her delete n all.. Maybe,” a Twitter user commented.

Another popular fan theory suggests that the falling out between the two was caused by Bobbi’s bland reaction as she watched the “6 God” perform. 

“Bobbi acting weird at Drake’s concert is weird. You know light skin wasn’t going to take it well,” a Twitter user said. 

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the only remnants of the Drake interview on Bobbi’s channel are a few “Shorts” that were released prior to the full interview going live.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed that she had paid a third party $300 to set her up with a celebrity for her podcast. It was later revealed that the person was comedian Rick Glassman. After securing the first celebrity interview, she repeated that same process to secure an interview with Funny Marco.

According to Complex, after the rapper saw clips of the interview, Drake started following the podcast host. Drake was then asked via Instagram DM if he would be willing to be a guest on the Really Good Podcast. 

“I decided to just go for it and shoot my shot,” Althoff said. “I DMed Drake and asked if he wanted to be on my podcast, and he said yes. He sent me his touring schedule, and I knew that I needed to make it happen fast, so my friend and I flew to Memphis two days after the original DM was sent to record the episode.”

This isn’t exactly a unique occurrence for Drake; last year, after showing Ice Spice his love and inviting her to his Toronto mansion, he unfollowed the “Munch” rapper.

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