Wack 100 Goes Off On Amber Rose Alleging That She Still Messes With Kanye West

Wack 100 and Amber Rose got into an intense argument on the Clubhouse platform. The situation started when Amber Rose was talking about Wack, and said some things he did not like.

A Clubhouse conversation leaked to the public between Amber Rose and Wack 100 of them getting into a heated debate.

Wack100 joined a Clubhouse meetup that Amber was in and then tried to expose her past relationships. Wack went in with full ammunition and dug deep with his words.

Wack 100 started talking about Amber and then decided to expose her relationship with Kanye and Wiz. Wack alleges that Wiz Khalifa likes the same thing as Amber, insinuating that he is bisexual.

He then goes on to speak on Kanye, stating that Amber Rose was giving Kanye oral sex nine months ago. He does not stop there; he continues to expose her love life, including having the details of where she and her kids live.

Wack also spoke on AE, Ambers’s second baby father, calling him a “weird-a** baby daddy,” due to him leaving Amber for a seventy-year-old woman. This woman happens to be the world-famous singer, Cher.

“You can’t play with me, I know where you’re at,” he continued. “I know about your weird a** baby daddy, all that. I know that he left you for Madonna. Outta here. AE, on my momma.”

“I’m finna violate that- why she put that rule? I ain’t turning nothing down from nobody. You sucked Kanye nine months ago. AE left you for a 70-year-old. Wiz like what you like. We gon’ see how your family and your whole circle can handle this. I hope that you ready,” he stated.

The online fans are taken aback by their entire conversation. People are wondering if the things Wack said are true, and if so, what made him expose Wiz and Kanye?

Wack was going in on Amber while throwing multiple known people under the bus along with her.

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