Woah Vicky Presses Charges Against Chrisean Rock After Physical Assault

On Aug. 13, police records surfaced online indicating that Woah Vicky had pressed assault charges against Chrisean Rock. Over the years, Chrisean has been involved in many altercations on the show in which she is featured, called “Baddies East.”

Vicky, also known as Victoria Waldrip, goes on to explain the details behind the altercation. She starts off by explaining that she accidentally liked tweets regarding Chrisean. Continuing on that she is prone to liking anything that pops up on her timeline.

Woah Vicky then hopped on social media to defend her decision to press charges against the pregnant Chrisean Rock. The social media sphere has labeled Vicky a “rat” due to her choice to go forward with the assault charge.

Chrisean confronted Vicky on the filming of the reality show “Baddies East.” Vicky said she apologized and clarified that she didn’t come on the show to fight but to spread the word of God.

Rock didn’t like that she apologized when confronting her and threw an object at her. The next day, she was told to go downstairs where a conflict was taking place, and say, “Jesus Loves Ya’ll.”

Vicky recalls that someone named Janet came running in and physically assaulted her. She then goes on to say that she forgives the two and harbors no animosity towards them.

Vicky alleges that the incident was a setup because nobody warned her, and no one tried to stop Chrisean and her friend from attacking her. Vicky has apologized but has not yet admitted any fault in her actions.

“in a normal setting pressing charges is ok but YOU SIGNED UP FOR BADDIES AND PUT YOURSELF IN THAT ENVIRONMENT! you knew what comes with it,” a fan commented.

Vicky is staying strong on her word and is not apologizing for getting the police involved. She also shared pictures of her face post-incident, showing off her battle scars from an altercation that may have been taken out of context.

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