YG Responds To Man Who Told Him To Take Down Post Of His Alleged ‘Baby Mama’

YG’s latest Instagram post is causing quite a stir online!

During the Halloween festivities, YG attended an in-house stripper party and shared his fun night with his fans with an Instagram post. However, comedian Andre Lowe Jr. recently asked that YG remove an Instagram post because one of the women seen in the photo is his baby’s mother. 

“THATS MY BABY MAMA TOO *****‼️ Take this down NOW,” the San Diego native exclaimed

The My Krazy Life rapp has yet to acknowledge the requester has yet to acknowledge the request, but Lowe Jr. has yet to give up as he begged YG to delete the post.

“Ima keep this short or whatnot,” Lowe Jr. began. “A lot of y’all already know what’s going on and whatnot. If you been on IG lately, this is a message to YG and whatnot.”

“From a real one to a real one, man, I’m asking that you please take my baby momma, you know what I mean, off your IG with her picture bussin’ it all open,” he continued.

Fans aren’t sure if Lowe Jr. is serious or the two men are simply trolling the internet. However, his online pleas caused a frenzy regarding whether his request was “too much.” 

According to TMZ, fans have laughed at the online situation and made jokes at Lowe Jr.’s expense as they commented 😂 emoji on his latest post. 

As he celebrated his birthday yesterday, fans continued to troll the comedian by mentioning the situation on his social media accounts. He then responded with a video asking when the male population knows how to control and lead women. 

“I’m still getting hit up about the situation with my baby momma, and to make matters worse, blogs posting it,” he said. “And it’s my b-day, I’m not trying to even trying to deal with this stuff, bro. I’m not trying to think; I’m trying to enjoy my day and whatnot,” he continued.

“But I got a question, it’s like, when did 99 percent of the male population become super P? All of a sudden ****** got Suga free and sauce waka formula and know how to control and lead females,” he questioned.

YG has yet to take down the post. Instead, YG highlighted Andre’s pleading video and included it in a new post. The first image is just the rapper with some classic red cars.

“🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴,” he wrote in his caption.

Andre was in the comments section, “really getting angry” with him. “BRUH! So you really not about to take it down????????? I’m Fina get mad.”

Joey Bada$$ is also commented.

“He should’ve kept that **** to himself! Ain’t nobody know that was ya baby mama till you spilled the beans 😂,” he said.

Let us know if you think Andre Lowe Jr. is doing too much and should take the virtual L in the comments below. 

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