Barber Calls Out YK Osiris For Not Paying $100 Haircut

On Monday, a barber who cut YK Osiris’ hair went online to dish some news to the fans. The barber, whose social handle is ThaLegendOffical, went to social media to allegedly expose the singer.

Legend revealed they did not want to expose Osiris or bring it online. The barber says that YK Osiris first came to get his hair cut for $150 and even tipped the barber $50.

The look was posted on Instagram, showing proof of their relationship. The post received 51 thousand likes for the collaboration and called ls the Legend, the “best barber in Atlanta.”

He returned to get a lineup and was charged $100 for the service. YK Osiris told the barber he would CashApp them, but he allegedly never did.

“Yo, what’s up I know you a busy person. I tried to give it some time, but I was wondering if you could cash app me that $100 you owe me for that lineup on Tuesday,” Legend sent in a text message.

He responded, saying his CashApp was down due to sending too many CashApps. He then told the barber to hold on but did not respond. Legend said after this, Osiris went on Instagram Live and offered to do a giveaway and reward fans with some money on CashApp. The barber then posted screenshots of their conversation.

Legend said fans told her to keep asking about their money because it is alleged that Osiris runs off with people’s money.

Last month, YK Osiris was accused of not paying a jeweler. YK Osiris clapped back and commented that she had been paid and that the jeweler only did it for clout.

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