YK Osiris Reunites With Barber Who Called Him Out For Not Paying For Haircut

Recently, an Atlanta barber, Legend, called out YK Osiris for not paying for his haircut. The two recorded videos for social media about his cut, and the barber goes online to tell the world he never paid for her services.

Since this altercation, the internet has called YK Osiris a “scammer,” as this not being the first time the singer has run off without paying. Others have said he does not keep his word with business. He has reportedly skipped out on paying with famous artists such as Drake, Jesser and Sean Kingston. YK allegedly stole a $20,000 watch from Sean Kingston and owed Drake $60,000 during a lost bet.

YK Osiris did not want all the hate to bring him down, so he decided to do something about his situation. He linked up with an Atlanta barber for a redo and allegedly paid her the money he owed.

“Let’s get this understood: she didn’t do nun for clout, the man I have apologized to her, and she forgave me. Let’s get that understood,” YK Osiris wrote on his Instagram story.

It looks as if the two are putting their differences aside to show the world what forgiveness looks like. The first time, the two shared a collaboration video for the Instagram platform.

Hopefully, YK Osiris has learned his lesson and, in the future, will now pay the people who let him into their space. He has been in a lot of drama surrounding his finances; we hope he can change and keep his word from now on.

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