YNW Melly Trial: New Court Hearing Scheduled As ‘Free Melly’ Merch Released

Just as the “Free Melly” merch hit the streets, a new court hearing has been scheduled as a retrial of the YNW Melly trial after the jury was first deadlocked.

A Broward County judge has scheduled a hearing for YNW Melly, born Jamell Demons, on Friday, following the filing of an unidentified motion by the rapper’s counsel, according to sources.

“Defendant has failed to show good cause for re-deposing Det. Mark Moretti,”  the judge ruled.

According to court records that HipHopDX has obtained, a hearing defense motion is planned for Aug. 18. The current date for the start of Melly’s retrial is Oct. 8. The hearing will be held at that time and will reportedly revolve on “terminating around GPS monitoring of state witness Felicia Holmes.” Both the prosecution and the defense will then meet.

This update follows after the Florida rapper was on trial in South Florida on suspicion of killing two of his friends, 19-year-old Christopher Thomas Jr. and 21-year-old Anthony Williams, five years ago.

After taking the notorious case to trial, the selected jury was deadlocked, leading to a mistrial on July 22. After three days of discussion, the 12-member panel was unable to come to a unanimous decision after Broward Circuit Judge John Murphy repeatedly requested them to continue deliberating. 

However, after they returned a third time, the judge gave in. As the news of the retrial surfaces, it was discovered that YNW Bortlen, who is also on trial for a double homicide but isn’t facing the death penalty like Melly, has started marketing new YNW merchandise, specifically merchandise that calls for YNW Melly’s release.

Since 2019, the YNW collective has begun selling merchandise, with YNW Bortlen receiving roughly 35% of all sales revenue. However, it’s uncertain if he’ll be permitted to keep these funds if he ends up being found guilty of murder.

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