YNW Melly’s Defense Asks Judge To Dismiss Double Murder Charges

YNW Melly is hoping to get his double murder case thrown out.

The rapper demanded a Florida judge to dismiss the case after he accused the Broward County State’s Attorney’s Office of withholding incriminating information about their lead detective.

Melly’s defense team argued that the lead detective, Mark Moretti, withheld evidence for the case, and prosecutors covered up the alleged misconduct. Moretti is being accused of taking a cell phone that belonged to YNW Melly’s mother while he was questioning her about her son’s case last year.

“The information provided by [Assistant State Attorney Kristine] Bradley indicates that Detective Moretti executed a search warrant outside of his jurisdiction and, therefore, illegally,” YNW Melly’s defense team argued. “It would have allowed the defense to question him as whether he committed a robbery or battery on [YNW Melly’s mother] Jamie King when he unlawfully took her phone. It would have shown that Detective Moretti was willing to lie as to who served the search warrant an official court order, and it would have shown that Detective Moretti was willing to conspire with Deputy Gorel to obstruct justice and to create false filings. This was impeachment evidence favorable to the Defendant.”

Melly’s lawyers believe that they have been slighted in a major way and feel as though there may be more evidence of misconduct.

“Rather than presenting this to the defense so that [they] could have used it during the first trial, the State withheld this information.” the rapper’s lawyers claim. “In fact, it is believed the highest levels of the State Attorney’s Office made determinations to not provide it to the defense, and secondly, not to pursue the internal affairs investigation.”

YNW Melly has been behind bars since 2019 and is being accused of murdering two of his YNW affiliates. He was denied bond last week and is expected to have his retrial next month.

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