‘You Gotta Take the Money’: JAY-Z Settles Debate Over Whether $500K Or Lunch With Him Is Worth More

JAY-Z has finally answered the viral debate about whether or not fans should take $500K or the lifetime opportunity of having lunch with him.

In a recent interview with CBS Mornings’ Gayle King, the Bed-Stuy legend finally addressed the viral question: should one take $500,000 or have the opportunity with JAY-Z? The answer shocked many fans. 

“You got to take the money. What I’mma say?” he said

When King tried to explain one’s logic of choosing lunch with the rapper, they would soak up so much wisdom. The viral meme has been seen online since 2017, according to Billboard

“You got all of that in the music for $10.99,” he argued. “That’s a bad deal. I wouldn’t tell you to cut a bad deal.”

“If you piece it together and really listen to the music for the words for what it is, it’s all there. Everything that I said was going to happen happened. Everything I said I wanted to do, I’ve done… The blueprint to me and my life and my journey is there already,” he continued. 

One person who was able to weigh in on the debate was internet comedian Haha Davis back in 2019, according to HotNewHipHop

According to Okayplayer, Davis initially met the “Big Pimpin’” rapper for a one-hour interview for The Shop Uninterrupted. Although JAY made the decision not to have lunch, Davis was still able to gain knowledge, according to the comedian. 

As far as the rapper’s career, he was recently honored alongside his mother, Gloria Carter, at the Brooklyn Public Library gala that raised approximately $1.5 million, according to the New York Times. 

Now that JAY-Z has spoken, will you still choose to have lunch with him? Or will you take his advice and listen to his albums as you take the $500K in cash?

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