Young Thug Seeks To Separate YSL Polo From RICO Case After Bizarre Courtroom Display

The legal proceedings against Young Thug and his YSL crew continue to grow more complex and bizarre. In the latest twist, the Grammy-nominated rapper seeks to separate YSL Polo from the other co-defendants due to his unusual behavior in the courtroom.

Thugga’s attorney, Brian Steel, filed the motion on Thursday. which singled out YSL Polo, born Cordarius Dorsey, for “unprofessional and unacceptable conduct in court.” He also said that Dorsey “threatened the prosecutors and the jurors,” and his severance was necessary to ensure his client’s right to a fair trial was not violated. 

A video taken on Thursday shows Dorsey rocking back and forth in his chair, waving his arms, contorting his body and making other strange motions. Judge Ural Glanville can be heard questioning Dorsey’s mental competency while his attorney, Surinder Jiminez, is seen looking confused and uneasy. 

Another video taken on a different day shows Dorsey engaging in the same behavior before being scalded by another judge after another voice said, “It’s a show.”

Initially, 28 Young Slime Life gang members were indicted on Georgia RICO charges in May 2022. The number has dwindled to nine remaining defendants in the increasingly eventful trial.

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