Young Thug’s Father Comes To Gunna’s Defense: ‘Hasn’t Done Anything To Hurt Us’

Young Thug’s father is speaking out and addressing his thoughts on Gunna in the YSL Rico Case. The elder comes to Gunna’s support and clears the rapper of snitching accusations relating to the now infamous trial. Jeffery Williams, Sr., father of Thug, spoke on Infamous Sylvia and was asked about Gunna. The question stemmed from people reacting to Gunna being released from jail in December 2022 after he pleaded guilty, which led to snitching allegations being attached to him.

“I love Gunna,” Big Jeff spoke proudly of the rapper who is affiliated with his son’s collective. “Let me try to help the attorney clarify that a little simpler, Gunna hasn’t done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case, period.”

Big Jeff further clarified during the almost two-hour interview posted to YouTube that despite what social media is portraying Gunna to be he has done nothing wrong. He supports the “fukumean” rapper and reveals that Gunna’s attorney convinced him to take the Alford plea because it was the right thing to do for him.

Young Thug’s father has voiced his thoughts on this YSL RICO trial and has been very outspoken. Just last month, the elder made headlines after he shared his disapproval of the double standard when it comes to former president Donald Trump, who was charged with multiple counts in Georgia but was awarded an agreement with the court system.

Gunna was released from prison after serving seven months. He headlined his first show since being released this summer to promote his A Gift & A Curse album.

Thug and other YSL affiliates remain behind bars while the trial continues after being put on pause while handling YSL Polo’s murder trial for another incident.

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