NBA YoungBoy Calls Out YouTube Over Copyright Infringement Claim: ‘Stop Blackballing Me’

NBA YoungBoy called out YouTube, alleging that the company is blackballing his content. YoungBoy said YouTube took his video down for copyright concerns. Within the last couple of years, NBA YoungBoy has skyrocketed to success in the YouTube community, releasing music every month and gaining millions of views on each video.

All of YoungBoy’s views on YouTube accumulated to over 13 billion in total. It seemed as though NBA YoungBoy was upset about the YouTube violation when he made the platform millions. YoungBoy went to social media to let out his anger regarding the platform.

“Stop blackballing me, suck my ****, I still don’t give a ****,” he said.

Multiple music videos have been copyrighted on his YouTube channel, although all his music is original. Videos being struck for copyright equates to YoungBoy not making any money or revenue on his work. YoungBoy went to social media to discuss his frustration over his new video being removed. The video was uploaded to YouTube and obtained over 600 thousand views within 20 hours.

We are still unaware of why YouTube struck the video as copyright infringement, but fans are happy that his new music has been released for their entertainment.

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