Yung Bleu Wants To Box Boosie, Who Says Bleu Forged His Signature

Whew, it looks like this beef isn’t ending anytime soon!

As the long-brewing animosity between Boosie Badazz and Yung Bleu has erupted into a social media war between the two, the 40-year-old rapper now claims that Bleu’s team faked his signature during a deal with record label EMPIRE, which Boosie helped facilitate!

“All they had to do was call me n I woulda got more money out Empire smh,” Boosie wrote in an Instagram post. “Yall didnt have to sat at the table n forge my signature n never told me nothing 🐍🐍🐍🐍 Im CEO I was wondering how Empire had got my artist ‼️ Had to file a lawsuit to find the forgery 😀🐍 @shaderoom @nojumper @akademiks @heartofthestreetz @atltop20 PAY UP.”

Following the accusation, the 29-year-old denied committing forgery. 

“How ima forge some sh*t your lawyer said that you gone send my team back signed by Boosie and his team, which is Nads,” Bleu questioned. “I guess the lawyer lien to he never talked to Boosie either then he in on it to he fenna loose his whole license for.”

During their heated exchange, the Alabama native stated that Boosie didn’t honor the terms of their contract. He also said that Boosie barely *invested in his budding career. 

However, Bleu wasn’t done with Boosie. He continued to fire back on X, and accused  Boosie of physically assaulting his own mother.

“You hit your own mama and bust here windows,” the former Badazz Music Syndicate artist exclaimed. “Say I’m lien ? All them songs u made bout her . u is a h*e . Cry baby a** N***a I will beat your a**. We can box don’t bring them broke a** n***a with u watch I knock yo a** out .”

The challenge didn’t scare Boosie, he kept pulling out more receipts as he continued to accuse Bleu and his team of forgery. 

“That was never my lawyer bro,” Boosie said. “N U wasnt go give me no money you was just talking lol a week later you said you ain’t have it . U sit right there when my signature was forged (who does that too n***a who put them on) Why you couldnt callme n say yall was doing a deal ?Come on bro I was the realest n***a in it n 21 thats what you said. U a snake bro keep it real Tell Akademiks post this ungrateful ass n***a U got amnesia  now !! Went on Vlad n said Im not really signed to Boosie smh thats what hungry dog does when he gets full they forget when they was starving.” 

In true Boosie fashion, he wasn’t done dragging Bleu publicly.

“Stop Ra Ra n awnser these questions.Is this my signature? Wasnt you at the table when my signature was forged? Wasnt you signed to me when this deal was forged n signed ? Why couldnt you call me to sign my own name on the contract? Did I know about this deal with Empire?” he asked.

“When did we have a meeting n 2019 about your career that I refused lol?” he continued. “U tweeted n 2021 that I was your CEO so when did we fall out n 2019? Can you show where I signed my signature on anything? Why do this to someone u said n the world knows put you on? U have no loyalty U just a snake n the sad part is you dont even when you being one!! Shows you a goofy.”

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